Childhood Dental Problems and Pediatric Dentistry | *New Jersey

The prevalence of pediatric tooth decay—sometimes, aggressive decay—is rising, even among children who have nutritious diets that are low in sugar. Research points toward systemic problems, caused by factors such as radiation exposure, hormonal abnormalities, reaction to foreign proteins in foods, and/or improper mineralization.

There are specific patterns of tooth decay. The age of the patient is sometimes a factor in these patterns.

  • Baby teeth vs. adult teeth.
  • Anterior (front) vs. posterior (back) tooth patterns
  • Contra-lateral tooth patterns.
  • Decay clustering.
  • Post-eruption susceptibility.

Childhood Dental Problems and Pediatric Dentistry

When you enroll your child in a pediatric wellness program, the child benefits by:

  • Getting a lifetime lesson about taking responsibility for his or her health.
  • Learning good nutritional habits that contribute to systemic wellness, which greatly contributes to good oral health.
  • Getting a head start on preventing dental disease.

Our next article discusses the many benefits of establishing a pediatric wellness program for your child. The Center for Systemic Dentistry provides the highest level of care and follow-up to ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy and sound well into adulthood. Located in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, we are committed to being the state’s leading dental practice that focuses on holistic, healing-focused dentistry. Dr. Philip Memoli and his staff are ready to repair the damage caused by childhood tooth decay and ensure that our pediatric patients are committed to maintaining healthy teeth as they grow. Call us today at (908) 464-9144 or contact us via our online contact form.

Read more about pediatric dentistry and child dental wellness @ here.


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