Mercury Toxicity Treatment by Holistic Dentistry in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Normal Detox: What Are the Symptoms Associated with Mercury Toxicity?


REPORT: Lichtenberg, H. Elimination of symptoms by removal of amalgam from mercury poisoned patients, as compared with a control group of average patients.

ABSTRACT: How do we determine the symptoms due to Mercury toxicity? This study-removed amalgam from a group of patients poisoned by mercury and compared them to a control group of average patients. The results showed a reversal of symptoms after Safe amalgam removal, strongly suggesting that mercury toxicity was a likely cause.

RESULTS: The following results indicate the percentage of patients’ symptoms, which either improved or were eliminated. The first chart indicates a list of symptoms. The second chart indicates symptoms when categorized systemically.

The Center for Systemic Dentistry in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, is committed to being the state’s leading dental practice that focuses on holistic, healing-focused dentistry. Dr. Philip Memoli is ready to help you recover your health so you can begin to lead a life free of mercury toxicity.

Call us today at (908) 464-9144 or contact us via our online contact form.


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