What Does the Research Say About Mercury Toxicity?

Any given person may be more resistant or more susceptible to mercury poisoning, depending on that person’s individual biology. Each body possesses three systems to deal with foreign substances: the immune, detoxification, and elimination systems.


Diagnosis of mercury toxicity is extremely difficult. The question of mercury presence must first be addressed: what (chemical) form(s) of mercury are present, what tissues or organs are harboring mercury, and what is the extent of the damage caused? Additionally, there are no laboratory tests or biomarkers to indicate which of the systems (identification, detoxification, elimination) has been affected by mercury exposure. Click here to read detailed scientific and clinical information about the biological and chemical processes that occur in the body in the presence of mercury poisoning.

A safe, effective program for removal of mercury amalgam is the first step toward reversing the effects of mercury toxicity in your body. The Center for Systemic Dentistry in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, is committed to being the state’s leading dental practice that focuses on holistic, healing-focused dentistry. Dr. Philip Memoli is ready to help you recover your health so you can begin to lead a life free of mercury toxicity.

The Center for Systemic Dentistry will work with you to determine the best course of treatment to safely remove your existing mercury amalgam. Call us today at (908) 464-9144 or contact us via our online contact form.

Read more about safe amalgam removal at http://www.holisticdentistrynj.com/our-services/safe-mercury/.

Call us today at (908) 464-9144

For More Details click here http://www.holisticdentistrynj.com



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