What are the Stages of Dental Disease in Children? – Holistic Dentistry

What Are the Stages of Dental Disease in Children?

The diagnosis of dental disease in children occurs in five stages. The treatment protocol for your child is determined by the assessed stage of the problem(s).

Stages of Dental Disease in Children.jpg

Examines the underlying causes of a child’s dental problems. These may be one or more of five types:

  • Dietary. Does the child receive the essential nutrition necessary for proper oral health and tooth formation? Dos the child consume a raw-food or vegetarian diet?
  • Biological terrain. The child is assessed for a proper ratio of serum calcium and phosphorus, as well as osmolarity (sodium chloride level).
  • Functional issues. Health problems in this part of the diagnosis may include maldigsetion, acidosis, malabsorption, leaky gut, and stress on acupuncture meridians.
  • Hormonal issues. Imbalance or improper levels of certain hormones can affect dentin or the blood calcium level. Suspect sources of hormonal problems are the hypothalamus, the parathyroids, and sex hormones.

Dr. Philip Memoli and his staff are ready to repair the damage caused by childhood dental problems and ensure that our pediatric patients are committed to maintaining healthy teeth as they grow.

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